Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tara and Drew!

SO I have officially decided that photographing couples with this much love is my favorite (Not to mention with my new Canon 5D Mark ii)! This was an awesome couple! I love getting to know all of my clients! These photos were taken at Starr Homeplace in Oak Ridge, which i love! They have community days which would be great family days not to mention it is like a museum out there with so much history, it is so exciting to me. Here is the website if anyone is interested: The photos on there really do not do it justice, I may be doing a posting this week with some photos that I have taken out there. But Tara and Drew I wish you nothing but happiness (OH and I am soooo excited to do Tara's bridals! I know she will be gorgeous!). You can click on photos to make them bigger :)


Missy M Emory said...

These are beautiful! I dont pass that way very often, but every time I do..... I say I have got to come back and shoot there! One day, I will ;-)