What do I wear?

This question comes up so often (as it should) so here are some hints that will hopefully help!
*First I want to say that the same color on everyone from head to toe does not make for the most visually appealing image. Think coordinating, not matching when you are styling your family.
*Choose items with good color, textures (i.e. ruffles, knits, denim) and don't forget the accessories (bracelets, necklaces, scarfs, heels, ties, hats, leg warmers, etc.!).
*So we all know it can sometimes be more difficult to either dress mom or the female in the photo, right? We have so many more options then men!  So I say dress the female first THEN coordinate whoever else will be in the photos off of that chosen outfit. Printed dresses and tops and always visually appealing!
*Since you may have up to three clothing changes in my full session. Try doing a nicer outfit (casual dress, button down, etc. but please NOT formal, that is not my style) and then one more casual fun outfit.
*Browse your favorite stores online and typically you can see coordinating outfit ideas that look great together.
*Look for outfits that fit each person individual style and tie all the looks together by picking a few selected colors. Browse the sites below looking for coordinating styles and ideas.
There are some links that will take you directly there! I have also added some of my favorite outfits from my clients throughout. My personal favorite store for little girls would be Matilda Jane. And have you heard of the amazing Etsy! You should really go check it out!

Recommended Stores:
Anne Taylor Loft!!!
White House Black Market
The Limited
Express Men
Banana Republic
Limited Too
Abercrombie Kids
Old Navy
Matilda Jane
ZoZo Bug Baby
GAP Kids
Ruffle Butts ~The CUTEST little girl ruffle bloomers ever!!!