About me!

HEY YALL! My name is Desirae and I am registered nurse on the pediatric floor at Glenwood and photographer. 
I married the love of my life in February of 2011. SO I am now officially Desirae Gooding Trappey :) But I will always be Desirae Gooding Photography. Wedding photos by Kyla Branch!
I have the drive to be artistic and I love doing vintage inspired photography and giving people one of a kind photos. 
Anything vintage or rusty is gonna catch my eye. 
I have an addiction to buying photography props (you can see an album of my props on my Desirae Gooding Photography facebook fan page!). 
I have a special love for photographing children and madly in love couples but enjoy it all. 
My shoots take place anywhere from Monroe to Oakridge, you can pick the spot! I can come to your location of choice whether it be a favorite spot or even your home. 
My mother and niece act as my helpers and second set of eyes, and I love them dearly for all their help and encouragement. 

Message me or email me at Dezzy1222@yahoo.com for scheduling/pricing information. Take a look and let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by! You can also find me on Facebook!