Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tara and Drew!

SO I have officially decided that photographing couples with this much love is my favorite (Not to mention with my new Canon 5D Mark ii)! This was an awesome couple! I love getting to know all of my clients! These photos were taken at Starr Homeplace in Oak Ridge, which i love! They have community days which would be great family days not to mention it is like a museum out there with so much history, it is so exciting to me. Here is the website if anyone is interested: The photos on there really do not do it justice, I may be doing a posting this week with some photos that I have taken out there. But Tara and Drew I wish you nothing but happiness (OH and I am soooo excited to do Tara's bridals! I know she will be gorgeous!). You can click on photos to make them bigger :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Such a gorgeous little girl! The photos are a little deceiving tho, Chelsea knows what Im talking about, lol. I love the outfits that Emoree had, and all the little hats. I could tell that Emoree's mom was all about some vintage! I may not be the photographer for everyone. I am not pose-y although I do give some direction, and I like some scratches here and there on my photos, hehe. :)... I prefer to let kids play and for my family or engagement sessions to just be comfortable with me, relax, and be yourself and the rest will fall into place. This was an absolutely gorgeous morning with a oh so cute little girl! I am so glad that you both could come from Ruston to visit with me! Thanks as always! Oh and I love me some little hot pink toes! :)

Vanderberg family preview!!!

Such a good looking family! They were so fabulous! I could not have asked for a better morning. AND OMG Madison is stinkin gorgeous! I am sure I posted too many of just her, I could not help myself. I could ride around with her and shoot her all day long! I hope you love them! You still have many to see on the CD! So I am officially done with college! Submitted my last test today! Now I just have to walk. I am being picky on a job tho, I really want to work Peds, surgery, or at a clinic. Who knows, we will see what the future holds. Thank you everyone for the support! You are all fantabulous!

Monday, May 10, 2010

2 more mini sessions!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My neice/weekday helper :) and 2 mini sessions!!!

I have been having such a great time lately (Not that I haven't before!) But i feel like I am finally settling into who I am as a photographer. I am just loving it all so very much and I am meeting so many great people!!!!!! Thanks everyone for your continued support! dont forget to find me one facebook!

and last but most importantly: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I know I am truly blessed with an amazingly strong and supportive mother! Love you mom!!!